Monday, 3 October 2011

Float Like a B-52, Sting like a Tank!

Real Steel.
Not a Review.
Surprisingly good.
It's like a family movie,
But with awesome robots beating each other up!
No, it's not like Transformers at all.
This one has a lot more heart and soul.

This little boxing bot is called Atom.
He has more spark than all the Autobots combined,
And could kick Megatron's back with ONE ARM.
(Oh wait, didn't Optimus do that as well?)
Of course, h also needs Hugh Jackman's help.
Call him Full Metal Jackman if you wish.

Now THAT'S what I call a real robot fight!
This is like Rocky... but with ROBOTS!
Heck, it's actually better than HALF the Rocky movies!
Like a colleague of mine said,
They should have called it Irony.

Yeah the robots were damn cool.
At least here they have a REASON,
For beating the crap out of each other.
Pretty good action too.
And you can actually SEE what is happening.
Not like the Transformers WHAM BAM WHODAFUCKISTHAT crap.

There's only one chick there.
She's no Megan or Rosie,
But she's got MUCH better acting.
Decent cleavage rating too (7.5).
But she doesn't do much.
This is ALL about Hugh and son.
And robots kicking ass, of course.

Hugh Jackman's pretty good here.
He's a bit of a selfish asshole,
But a pretty likable one.
The kid's good too.
At least he wasn't annoying.
In fact, he's pretty cool too.

Yup, this is worth watching in cinema.
It's very well-made.
Good balance of action and drama,
Good acting, good editing.
And very touching at times too.
And as much as I liked Transformers,
I have to admit THIS is now THE best robot movie of the year.

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